Florence, 1966: the most beautiful city on earth was brought to the brink of ruin by a terrible flood. No tourists, no cars, just a sea of oily mud. The young volunteers from overseas who came to rescue the buildings, paintings and sculptures became known as the ‘Angels of the Flood’. Kate Holland was one of those angels, until the hideous death of her friend Francesca forced her back to England with a vow never to return.

Now, for the first time in thirty years, Kate is drawn to Italy again. Someone has sent her a priceless Italian painting … but it has been crudely tampered with. What is the mysterious message at its heart? Her trail leads Kate back to Francesca’s family home, a family whose dark secrets were as abundant as their lavish works of art. And when she meets Francesca’s younger sister again, Kate’s life is suddenly in danger.

Two women, guilt and friendship, deception, blackmail and murder are
all at the heart of this profoundly intriguing, chilling mystery.


Barry Forshaw, CRIME TIME

‘The surface brilliance of this highly accomplished thriller is mesmerising enough, but Hines’ combination of adroit characterisation and nimble plotting lifts Angels of the Flood above most contemporary crime writing …her writing is as good as a holiday under Mediterranean skies.’

Author’s Comment:

‘Angels of the flood is the book which draws most on my own experience. Like Kate Holland, I spent some time helping with the clean-up after the terrible flood of 1966. The details of her experience working in the Uffizi and the Baptistry are the same as mine, though luckily her friendship with the Franscesca and the Bertoni Family are entirely fictional.’